7 Early Warning Signs of Untrustworthy Leaders

7 Early Warning Signs of Untrustworthy Leaders

A leader’s ability to inspire and motivate teams is based on trust. However, an untrustworthy leader will result in lack of coordination and bad management in any organisation.

Read on to find out the 7 early warning signs of untrustworthy leaders.

1. Lack Courage

Leaders that don’t stand up for what they believe in are difficult to respect and trust.


2. Hidden Agendas

Employees want to follow leaders who are less about the office politics and more about how to accomplish goals and objectives.

3. Self-Centered

When a leader is only looking out for themselves and lacks any sense of commitment to the advancement of their employees.


4. Reputation Issues

When people begin to speak negatively about their leader, it makes it more difficult for others to trust their intentions and vision.


5. Inconsistent Behaviour

People are more inclined to trust those who are consistent with their behaviour.


6. Balance between Too Close and Too Loose Supervision

Too loose or too close supervision affect trust of the subordinates.


7. Purposeful

Leaders must demonstrate that they align with organisation vision, mission and values so as to influence others.

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Adapted from: “How to Build Trust & Lead Effectively” by Success Inspirer of Quantum Dynamic Human Development PLT


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