5 AMAZING Other Ways To Use Hand Sanitizers

5 AMAZING Other Ways To Use Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers. A must bring item wherever we go nowadays.

Besides keeping our hands clean when we don’t have access to soap and water, hand sanitizers can be used for other purposes as well.

Let’s dive right in.

#1 Disinfect Other Things

Use your hand sanitizer to wipe the surface of things such as your keyboard, mouse, and basically everything the “hand” touches… 

#2 Smartphone Screen Shiner

Squirt a tiny bit of hand sanitizer onto the screen of your phone and gently rub it with a cloth or tissue. Lo and behold, your phone sparkles and shines.

#3 Stain Remover

You’ve got that favourite shirt but thanks to that little permanent marker or coffee stain, you can’t wear it anymore?  Try using your hand sanitizer to blot the stain out.

#4 Pimple Treatment

While this might sound insane, it does work. This is the last resort of course, and you should also limit the amount of alcohol you expose your face to.

#5 Adhesive Remover

Image: https://chiefsshop.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/how-to-remove-stickers-from-plywood/

A life hack in removing that sticky residue left behind from price tags and labels. Just squirt a bit of hand sanitizer on the adhesive, then scrub gently with a brush or washcloth. Voilà!

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