5 Interesting Ideas For Your Instagram Caption

5 Interesting Ideas For Your Instagram Caption

Do you realise that Instagram is on the rise as a social media platform? It hit about 1 billion active users back in June 2018 after all.

As of March 2020, there were approximately 11.68 million Instagram users in Malaysia and it’s only expected to grow from here.

This makes Instagram one of the best brand building tools and for strengthening customer relationships.

That said, you need ideal Instagram captions to share all your best Instagram posts.

Feel free to use the following tips and even win more followers too!

#1 Funny Captions

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Having trouble with writing something witty? Fret not. You can always use humour as a way to promote your post when writing an Insta caption. Some people might groan at the thought of puns, yet it is often effective.

Remember to always try to make it relatable. For instance, “I need a six-month holiday twice a year.” This caption makes you appeal to those who know the struggles of working life.

#2 Clever Captions

Wittiness is not restricted to jokes. You may use wit alone to create relatable captions. As an example, “There may be no excuse for laziness, but I’m still looking.” This witty line can make people laugh for sure!

#3 Savage Captions

This kind of captions can be motivational. It can cater to any sort of audience, even when you’re buying Instagram likes. Most people enjoy reading savage one-liners that make them feel more empowered.

Caption such as “Be a little more you and a lot less like them” can inspire people. It encourages individuality which is missing in many people. This way, your audience engages your posts more.

#4 Song Lyrics Captions

Many people appreciate song lyrics. You can put any song line as the caption of your Instagram posts, depending on your target demographic. Perhaps a line from The Beatles will do the trick if your audience leans more on the mature side.

#5 Hashtag Captions

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Just keep it short and simple while composing your captions. But no matter what kind of post you have, you can always use hashtags as your caption.

Make sure you put the hashtags in a manner that doesn’t clutter your message. Using line breaks to place them under your main caption is a smart way to do this. It’s clean and it still helps you get found.

Adapted from: ArticleCity.com

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