How to Protect Your Eyes from Computer Screen Damage

How to Protect Your Eyes from Computer Screen Damage

Staring at computer screens is for most of us an inevitable part of life.

And the scary thing is our eyes can be harmed by too much screen time!

Fortunately, there are a few simple measures to avoid damage to the eyes without giving up technology altogether.

Here’s how:

#1 Keep Your Screen Clean

Your eyes have to work 2x harder when your screen is dusty, dirty or grubby. Something as easy as giving your screen a good clean at the beginning of every week might make a difference.

Use a special screen cleaning spray and microfibre cloth to prevent scratching your monitor and always turn off electronics before you start cleaning them.

A clean screen not only benefit your eyes, but it is much more satisfying to use as well!

#2 Sit a Safe Distance Away from the Screen

Would you even sit so close to a TV that you would get a horrible headache? For computer screens the same logic should be applied.

Always sit at least one arm’s length away from your screen and avoid leaning forward to look at things. Consider enlarging your font size or zooming in on the job if you find this difficult.

Still struggling? Then maybe it’s either time to do an eye test or get an even bigger monitor!

#3 Use a Blue light Filter or Special Glasses

Computer screens give off the harsh blue light which can disrupt your sleeping pattern and cause eye strain. Try installing a blue light filter to give your eyes a break. This is a special program that makes your screen look warmer and dimmer a little bit.

If you are dealing with colours and don’t want your job to be affected, consider purchasing a pair of blue light filter glasses instead. Not only the same principle is used, but you can remove the special glasses easily as needed.

#4 Take Regular Breaks

Giving yourself a break from the computer once in a while is crucial, particularly if you’re suffering from eye strain. Try to set a timer that will prompt you to step away from the screen at least once every hour.

When you are not looking at screens, practice concentrating on distant objects. This is a good eye exercise to keep your eyes healthy.

You only have one pair of eyes, so treat them properly!

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