Key Opinion Leader (KOL) or Influencer?

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) or Influencer?

One thing for sure is both influencers and KOLs influence a consumer’s opinion about a product or service.

However, unlike influencers, KOLs are not required to operate any social media account or have any followers. They are the trustworthy experts because of their direct experience in an industry, professional qualifications or time spent engaged on a subject, not because of their follower count.

While KOLs may have a presence on social media, these platforms do not have to be their main channel of communication.

On the other hand, influencers have a strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Influencer’s credibility comes from their online persona, their content and their perceived authenticity.

So… when to use who?

KOL marketing is most common in industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, medical devices and clinical trials where the success of a brand can depend on expert endorsement from KOLs such as doctors, dentists and academicians.

Social media influencers gain popularity by creating compelling visual content. This focus on aesthetics makes influencers the ideal fitness, beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle marketing partners for visual brands.

Regardless is Key Opinion Leader (KOL) or Influencer, they should be a good example to the society and social media users. Promote and review product or services ethically without breaching or trying to breach any rules & regulations of official authorities or platform owners.

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