5 Creative Ways to Entertain a Cat

5 Creative Ways to Entertain a Cat

If your cat is scratching and causing damage to your furniture or carpet, that’s because your cat is bored…

Rather than wasting thousands of dollars in your home to replace big-ticket items, try these 5 creative ways to keep your cat happy and entertained.

#1 Cardboard Boxes

Any cardboard box will do the trick. Cats love chewing, scratching, and playing with cardboard boxes, so make sure to place some for your feline friends.

This inexpensive, simple solution will provide entertainment for hours and will save your furniture from destruction.

#2 Papers

Have you got paper to spare? Let your kitty play with it. They love that crinkling noise paper makes.

Paper bags will do too! Just give your cats anything to play with, as long it’s not your furniture.

#3 Cat Furnitures

You have your favorite sofa or armchair, don’t be surprise the same goes for your cat too. Investing in multiple scratching posts or a cat condo is a good idea to help keep your kitty entertained through the day.

Many of these posts come with furry, feathery toys that squeak and make noise, offering hours of fun for your cat. You may want to consider having a cat condo in a space where your cat is able to see out the window. Some cats spend hours tracking birds and observing the outside world.

#4 Outdoors Time

Who let the cats out?

Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow

Not something you’d think to do with a cat, but your cat can enjoy fresh air and sun with your supervision (and a leash). First, purchase a leash and harness and then teach your cat how to walk with it.

It’s definitely not easy for overprotective cat mum or dad to allow their kitty outdoors playing and running around. But this is a great way for cats to get exercise and find stimulation outside the house.

#5 Food Hunting

There are a lot of cat toys that dispense food while your kitty plays with them. Rather than leaving them with a large bowl of food for the entire day, let your cats hunt for food around the house.

This will be an exciting challenge for your cats, helping them to stay busy and entertained even when you’re away from home.

Adapted from: ArticleCity.com

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