Covid-19: Virtual Wedding Ceremonies Around The World

Covid-19: Virtual Wedding Ceremonies Around The World

The first virtual wedding in history dates back to May 8, 1996. An American couple, Janka and Tomas, were wed inside the AlphaWorld, a three-dimensional inhabited virtual world on the Internet.

“Close-up of happy newlyweds Janka and Tomas.”

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Coronavirus lockdowns and travel restrictions have forced couples around the world to postpone their wedding plans but some adapted to the unusual times by celebrating online.

On May 30, 2020, the Singaporean newlyweds, Varian and Ruoyi held a virtual wedding in Animal Crossing, one of the most played games on the Nintendo Switch. You may want to check out some cute videos and read more about their e-wedding here.


 In China, livestreaming weddings are extremely popular nowadays. This allows anyone to watch the big day of young couples online and send them cash gifts as well.


Locally, newlyweds Muhammad Don Haadi Don Putra and Nahdatul Aishah Mohd Sharif became the first Malaysian couple to go through the ‘akad nikah’ or marriage solemnization ceremony on April 8, 2020, via an online video conference.

The groom (on the TV) and his bride (right, in white).

Source: The Star Online

A virtual wedding ceremony can be a special way for a couple to exchange vows, whether they choose to put the entire ceremony online or to webcast their wedding nuptials so that everybody can share their happiness.

Do you think that online wedding could remain a popular new option for future couples even after the Covid-19 pandemic ends? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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