Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Actually we should not compare digital marketing to traditional marketing because it is so unfair.

Why not?

Because these two have different groups of users.

Consumers who prefer digital mediums are mostly young people such as Generation Z, Millennials and even half of Generation X. While Baby Boomers, known as seniors, are rarely online.


Big brands seldom make comparisons like these. Most of the time they make sure that these two mediums work together to achieve one goal – to sell.

For the Malaysian market, here’s how you can use both to get more sales than ever before.



Malaysians love this platform and almost everyone in the country has a Facebook account. So if you are a B2C brand, you need to be on this social media platform.


Malaysia’s next favorite platform is Instagram. You need to be here if your B2C product is more visual.


Consistent blog posts every week will help you attract the people who love to search on Google. Most Malaysians will go straight to the Google search box to find something because it is quite impractical to find information on social media. You don’t necessarily have to have your own website to have a blog. You can write on websites with high Google rankings (e.g. LinkedIn).



This platform is ideal for those who want to build a strong brand. Regardless of whether it’s a personal brand, a product brand or a corporate one, this platform is ideal because it has a more professional and B2B community.



In Malaysia, it is difficult for you to assess the effectiveness of traditional marketing such as billboards, television and radio advertisements. The results obtained may also be slow. The fastest and most effective way if you really want to take advantage of this traditional marketing is to get an agent for your product or service.


Adapted from: Marketing In Asia



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