Rose Chan: The Flower of Malaya

Rose Chan: The Flower of Malaya

Legend, Queen of Striptease and Charity Queen, these are the titles associated with the name,

Rose Chan.

A name that most young Malaysians today might not be familiar with.

Born Chan Wai Chang, Rose Chan was a highly-talented professional dancer early in her career.

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She became a striptease artist by pure accident, when her bra strap snapped in mid-performance.

Everybody clapped very hard, and I thought, ‘Here I dance all night and sweat so much and nobody claps. My bra breaks and they clap.

Besides being acknowledged as Asia’s Striptease Queen, Rose was also known as the Charity Queen as she donated much of what she earned from her performances to charity, often anonymously.


Maybe you’ve heard of the Mandarin classic “Mei Gui, Mei Gui, Wo Ai Ni”sung by the late Chinese singer, Yao Lee

Or even the English rendition of the song (Rose, Rose, I Love You) by the late American singer, Frankie Laine.

Apparently, the English hit song was actually written for her. That’s awesome.

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