How to fall asleep easily

How to fall asleep easily

“Power down” before bedtime.

In other words, shut off all electronics an hour or two before you sleep.

The blue wavelength of light from computer screens, televisions, and phones can inhibit melatonin production, which means your body is not making the hormones it needs to enter the phase of sleep.

Working late at night can also keep your mind racing and stress levels high, which also prevents your body from calming down for sleep.

Here are some tips to “power down”:

Tip #1 Reduce your screen’s brightness in the hours closer to bedtime.

Tip #2 Switch the screens off, grab a book. Read.

Tip #3 Make “power down” your habit. Starting from today onwards.


Use relaxation techniques.

Anxiety or stress are linked to at least 50 per cent of cases of insomnia according to researchers.

Seek ways to lower your stress. Then you will find yourself getting better sleep.

Proven methods include:

  • daily journaling,
  • deep breathing exercises,
  • meditation,
  • exercise,
  • and keeping a gratitude journal (write down something you are thankful for each day)


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